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 Is Eco-Friendly Paint a Gimmick? 

by Voices Wellness 13 Apr 2021
Photo: Gush.

We round up three brands with paint that claim to limit pollutants and even purify the air. By LYDIA KWON. 

Transforming your humble abode into a comfortable sanctuary for generations to come requires thoughtful choices that preserve the earth’s resources. One of the benefits that has manifested from this awareness is a keener interest in eco-friendly products.

From menstrual cups to biodegradable clothing, and even sustainably farmed food for our pets, the market for green offerings has grown substantially in the past decade. A relatively new emergence is eco-friendly paint. Unlike its regular counterparts, such paints leave behind little to no toxins, fumes, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Some of these paints also claim to clarify and cleanse the surrounding air.

Is there science behind these claims or is this just another marketing gimmick? We walk you through three eco-friendly paint brands in Singapore, so that you can decide for yourself if they’re worth the investment.

Photo: Gush.

GUSH Cair Air Purifying Paint

It may be baffling to hear that paint can purify the air, since it typically emits toxins and fumes that are detrimental to the body when inhaled excessively. Enter the Gush Cair Air Purifying Paint, a specially formulated interior paint that uses catalytic reactions to break down toxic VOCs like formaldehyde and unpleasant odours into harmless by-products such as H20 and CO2. Plus, it’s quick drying and helps to keep one’s room cool with lower thermal conductivity.

Sounds too good to be true? You’ll be happy to know that the paint has been tested for its air purification capabilities by TUV, adopting the Standard for Air Cleaners of Household and Similar Use. 

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Photo: Homeanddecor.

Dulux PureAir

Dulux’s version of eco-friendly paint is similar to Gush’s in that it reduces the VOCs in the air and neutralises formaldehyde—a chemical compound that may produce symptoms such as watery eyes, throat irritation, and skin irritation. Certified by the Singapore Green Label as an environmentally preferred paint, it also claims to “make one’s home as fresh as the great outdoors”. Other features include resistance to fungus and mould, antibacterial properties, as well as the brand’s Colourguard technology, which keeps colours looking fresh for a longer period of time.

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Photo: Nippon Paint Singapore.

Nippon Paint Odour-less All-in-1 

Nippon is a popular household name for paint and perhaps the safest choice for homeowners who prefer to stick to what they already know. Durable and washable, the Odourless All-in-1 paint is an environmentally favourable green product formulated without VOCs, with a solvent-free resin to help limit air pollutants. Idea for use in eco-sensitive places like schools and hospitals, the paint stands out for the fact that it comes in over 1000 colours. Perfect for users concerned about their little ones at home, the paint is splatter-resistant, non-toxic (free of lead, mercury, and heavy metals), and offers good coverage when painted over minor cracks and imperfections. 

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