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Your Guide to Buying Sustainable Seafood in Singapore

by Voices Wellness 07 Jul 2021
Photo: Unsplash.

Eat guilt-free from these local stores that offer responsibly sourced seafood. By LYDIA KWON. 

From chili crab to prawn noodles, seafood is an integral part of Singapore’s local food culture and it’s hard to imagine running out of these delicious foods. But the truth is that our oceans aren’t bottomless—accelerating population growth and a faster rate of consumption could mean that overfishing would irrevocably empty the sea of fish by 2048.

That’s why it’s important to support sustainable fishing, which is described by the Marine Stewardship Council as “leaving enough fish in the ocean, respecting habitats, and ensuring people who depend on fishing can maintain their livelihoods.”

There are three ways to tell if the seafood you’re consuming is sustainably sourced with minimal impact. Firstly, the fishing must be conducted at a level that leaves a healthy remainder in the sea to continue its supply; secondly, the fishing must be done such that other species and their habitats within the ocean’s ecosystem remain healthy; and thirdly, the operation of sustainable fisheries should comply with existing and future legislature to adapt to changing environmental needs.

Photo: Marine Stewardship Council.

As it’s challenging to check which fisheries fit the bill, an easy method is to look out for the blue MSC label, which indicates their seafood is farmed sustainably. We’ve rounded up a few so that you can enjoy your seafood fix guilt-free.

Photo: The Alaska Guys.

The Alaska Guys

Everything from The Alaska Guys is 100 percent wild-caught, sustainable, and sourced from the fresh waters of Alaska. Expect quality seafood like Alaskan king crab and grade AAA tuna from both its online shop and physical store. Be spoilt for choice by over 40 varieties of reasonably priced oceanic goods, from halibut to flounder.

More information here.

Photo: Kuhlbarra


Shop locally farmed fish that are raised in Pulau Semakau, after arriving as live baby fish from Australia. Cultured in clean and oxygen-rich water, the fishes are treated with Singapore Food Association-approved vaccines to ensure they’re healthy and disease-free before being sold. Popular choices include salmon, barramundi, and even marinated ready-to-eat teriyaki barramundi belly.

More information here.

Photo: Fassler Gourmet.

Fassler Gourmet 

An MSC-approved wholesaler, Fassler Gourmet offers sustainable seafood at pocket-friendly prices. They work only with farms, fisheries, and seafood organisations that practice sustainable and environmentally friendly farming. Plus, they’re currently the only seafood smokehouse in Singapore. Aside from smoked salmon, they’ve also got an extensive range of fresh sashimi.

More information here.

Photo: The Fishwives.

The Fishwives 

At The Fishwives, sustainable seafood offerings are delivered to your doorstep direct from Western Australia’s Shark Bay. The company is committed to providing fresh fish that is free of additives, chemicals, and genetic modification. Apart from seafood like salmon and trout, they also offer sustainable meats, fresh eggs, and gluten-free snacks, making it a one-stop location for the health and earth-conscious.

More information here.

Photo: IKEA.


Best known for their ready-to-assemble furniture, the Ikea outlets in Singapore also house a food market stocked with environmentally certified salmon, cod, herring, and shrimp. Direct from Sweden, the seafood offerings here at sustainably produced and responsibly sourced. If you’re dining in at their house cafe, rest assured that the same seafood sold at their food market will be served.

More information here.

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