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Year of the Tiger 2022: Zodiac Predictions for Luck and Wellness

by Voices Wellness 18 Jan 2022

As we enter the Year of the Tiger, you may be wondering what’s in store for your luck and health, especially in these unusual times. We’ve sought the expertise of teacher Manhua, a prolific Fengshui master with a strong presence in China, to explain the predictions of each Chinese zodiac sign.

Big changes will be a key theme in the Year of the Tiger, with adventures and risk-taking in the works. With the Tiger being associated with yang or masculine energy, this in turn herald stubbornness (doing things their own way), as well as possible disruptions in career, romance, and home life. As you work on making your dreams a reality, don’t forget to keep your ego in check too.


Lucky colours: Pink, green

Recommended activities: Yoga, walking

Those born in the Year of the Tiger can expect relatively good luck in both career and personal fortune. Interpersonal relationships will flourish, along with potential love interests during Springtime. They can look forward to support and mentorship when it comes to financial advice. For the sake of health, spend more time at nature-filled places like parks and forests. This year, they may lose their temper and overthink often. To destress, try cardio exercises, cycling, or long walks.


Lucky colour: White

Recommended activities: Tennis, basketball, and badminton

Good career prospects await those born in the Year of the Monkey. Despite facing some suffering and setbacks, they’ll have fun along the way. In the area of wealth, one should be cautious when it comes to investment. Luck is mediocre when it comes to finding love. As such, one should cherish their current relationships and friendships instead of seeking something new. Pay attention to health and safety especially when travelling aboard and adopt a cheerful attitude in life.


Lucky colour: Red

Recommended activity: Strength training in the gym

The outlook for career and fortune is somewhat mixed for those born in the Year of the Snake, with high risks and challenges in the way. As fortunes may fluctuate, it may be wise to be spent carefully and monitor one’s finances. Meanwhile, interpersonal relationships will improve and there will be plenty of opportunities to meet people of the opposite sex, especially through external activities. Health isn’t the best, as seasonal changes bring about poor sleep, colds, and coughs. Take care of food hygiene when travelling for business.


Lucky colour: Red

Recommended activities: Dancing etc. belly dancing

In 2022, those born in the Year of the Pig can expect movement in their career and gains in wealth. But as fortunes turn around, be aware of false hopes. What appears to be easy money, may not be a wise opportunity. Emotional luck is strong, while interpersonal relationships feel exciting. Those in love will find their relationship smooth sailing. Overall health isn’t the best and one ought to take care of their gastrointestinal health this year. Although they’ll be able to acclimatise to travels quickly, symptoms of stomach-related problems may be heightened.


Lucky colour: Pink

Recommended activities: Yoga, meditation, tai chi

Those born in the Year of the Rat will find themselves comfortable in their career this year, with help aplenty. Stars are aligned to bring them to greater heights and better achievements. While fortunes are strong, relationship luck is weak. To avoid bad outcomes, they should navigate both current and past relationships carefully. For health, ups and downs are expected. Men who drink or socialise often should be aware of gout. When in doubt, undergo a general health check-up to ensure one’s well-being.


Lucky colour: Grey

Recommended activities: Walking, short runs, golf

Although those born in the Year of the Ox will tend to seek wealth this year, they should be contented with their career and not take any unnecessary risks. They’ll be able to overcome occasional difficulties, but not without using their own financial resources. Although wealth is average, single men and women can expect to find love, with exciting relationships to match. Health is average and they should schedule a full body check-up to steer clear of any health crisis.


Lucky colour: Yellow

Recommended activities: Swimming, climbing

Career changes can be expected for those born in the Year of the Rabbit. With the help of noble people, they’ll be able to receive good luck. However, wealth comes and goes—new income streams may be countered with extra purchases. Avoid becoming arrogant if opportunities arise. Health is fair but one should take heed to prevent accidents and injury. Arrange for a full body check-up whenever possible.


Lucky colour: Blue

Recommended activities: Yoga, treadmill, walking

Dragon babies will have to deal with tumultuous changes in their careers, from ups and downs to power plays. They should be cautious when it comes to building wealth, instead of over-speculating or counting their eggs before they hatch. As luck is down for relationships, singles seeking a partner should make the effort to dress up, go on more dates, and attend more events to improve their interpersonal relationships. Although health prospects look good, the elderly should pay attention to problems relating to the urinary system.


Lucky colour: Red

Recommended activities: Yoga, tai-chi

Those born in the Year of the Horse will be rewarded with a successful career but should nonetheless consider long-term plans for self-development. Their newfound skillset will be recognised by their superiors and peers. As such, they’re expected to be promoted and will enjoy a pay rise. This is a good year for them to meet new people, not just for networking but also for love. Those in relationships should be careful as they will face some ups and downs. Health-wise, luck is low, and the elderly should watch out for the recurrence of old diseases.


Lucky colour: Orange

Recommended activities: Yoga, meditation, tai chi, dance

For those born in the Year of the Sheep, 2022 offers career opportunities both locally and abroad. Backed by the support of noble people, they can look forward to personal growth and fresh business ideas. The outlook for their love life is great, with marriage ideal for those in love. Singles will have the chance to meet the right person, whether it’s someone new or somebody they’ve known for years.


Lucky colour: Off white

Recommended activities: Yoga, meditation, tai chi 

An extraordinary career awaits those born in the Year of the Chicken. That said, they will not taste the sweet fruit of success without competition or comparison. Fortune is average and they should not expect massive windfalls. Whether single or attached, they should take heed of how they treat others as that will affect their interpersonal relationships. They ought to cherish the people around them and be content and grateful. Extra attention should be paid to their health and safety, as accidents could occur.


Lucky colour: Purple

Recommended activities: Yoga, long walks

Those born in the Year of the Dog can expect improved luck and fortunes surpassing that of the previous year. A dynamic 2022 awaits, along with unexpected gains and opportunities to travel. Big jumps in wealth will come in time, as will love. Those who are single will be able to meet the right person, while those in a relationship should plan to marry before the end of the year. Health is expected to be poor, with gastrointestinal problems being prevalent.

Photo: Manhua

About Manhua

A prolific Fengshui Master in both China and Taiwan, Manhua lao shi is also well-versed in Chinese traditional culture. As the Fengshui consultant for major real estate enterprises in China, she brings with her more than 25 years of experience. Her books on Fengshui are popular, while her Weibo and TikTok channels have an accumulated two million fans.

Her book on the 2022 zodiac forecast, along with tips for a better Year of the Tiger.

Find out more about her here and here.

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