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Where to Go Ice Skating, Roller-skating, and Surf Skating in Singapore

by Voices Wellness 01 Nov 2021
Photo: Hi Rollers

Enjoy rolling fun times by skating or blading around the Lion City’s park connectors. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

With Singapore’s island-wide network of lush park connectors, there’s really no reason to not get out there and explore the great outdoors. If you’re bored of travelling on foot or the bicycle, why not try going about on a different set of wheels?

Along with hobbies like gardening and baking, the ongoing pandemic has seen the resurgence of retro roller skates, which are essentially skates with four wheels, as well as surf skating, which simulate the motion and feel of surfing. Not sure where to start? Here’s a quick guide:

Photo: The Ride Side

Surf skating: The Ride Side, Wakemusters

Surf skating, also known as carveboarding, first started as a means for surfers to practice their skills while on land. If you’re new to it, try classes at The Ride Side—a homegrown company that not only sells snowboarding and skating gear but also offers surf skate lessons for beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced students. Progressive drills are used to help students learn the basics and develop their own style over time. If you’re already a surfer or are interested in surfing, try the surf skating classes at Wakemuster, Singapore’s only dedicated wakesurfing school. Their surf skate classes are designed as land training and are meant to complement wakesurf sessions.

Photo: EXIS – Extreme Inline Sports

Inline skating: Skateline, EXIS – Extreme Inline Sports

One of the more popular means of skating, inline skates come with two to five wheels arranged in a single line on the underside of a boot for speed and maneuverability. At Skateline, inline skating lessons are available for all age groups and all levels of expertise. They’ve got a Learn to Skate program where the whole family, including the little ones, can pick up skating skills over six levels. Hoping to hone your skills further? Head to EXIS – Extreme Inline Sports to learn all sorts of tips and tricks meant to level up your technique. The school is also the only inline skating company here with its own ramps and rails.

Photo: Hi Roller

Quad/roller skating: Hi Roller, Lion City Roller Skaters

Quad skates, also known as roller skates, come with four wheels and are often considered the traditional form of skating. A #throwback to the days of roller discos, Hi Roller offers a spacious dance floor with flashing lights and groovy music. Skate to your hearts’ content or learn from the experts at the in-house skate academy, which offers training programmes for all levels. Once you’ve nailed the basics, consider joining an open community like the Lion City Roller Skaters for group skating events and even excursions.

Photo: Kallang Ice World

Ice skating: The RinkKallang Ice World

If you’ve ever dreamt of being the next Michelle Kwan, start by renting or picking up a pair of metal-bladed ice skates. One of the more popular skating rinks in Singapore, The Rink offers basic training sessions for new skaters, as well as ice hockey tournaments for those into the sport. Meanwhile, Kallang Ice World offers a comprehensive range of ice-skating courses. Its gallery-style spectator seats and large rink makes it suitable for celebrations, competitions, and functions.

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