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We Try: Wellnest, Bird’s Nest in a Fuss-free Sachet

by Voices Wellness 17 Feb 2022
Photo: Wellnest

Treat yourself to a sachet of prized bird’s nest on busy days for better skin and immunity. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

In my childhood days, bird’s nest was always seen as a delicacy in my family, reserved for pregnant ladies in confinement or sometimes given as a treat while we were preparing for our year-end exams. Prized in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its rarity and high protein content, the popular tonic is woven by swiftlets from their saliva. When consumed in moderation, it’s believed to relieve respiratory ailments such as asthma or chronic coughs, help with tissue repair for youthful skin, and boost the body’s immune system.

Delicious as it was, its traditional method of preparation—double boiling with rock sugar, was tedious and time-consuming. Glass bottled bird’s nest was a good alternative, though a little heavy to be carrying around. If convenience matters, then consider Wellnest’s new bird’s nest in sachet form. Designed for fuss-free consumption whether you’re working, playing, or travelling, each 10ml sachet is packed with micronutrients from bird’s nest, aged red Korean ginseng, and Aronia berries.

With beauty supplements and Pei Pa Koa readily available in sachet form, it seemed about time that bird’s nest followed suit. Each box of 30 Wellnest sachets comes in a nifty box that can be hand-carried around. At a glance, it’s hard to tell how these might compare to a piping hot bowl of freshly cooked bird’s nest soup. But according to Wellnest, the patented formulation by Dr. Lim Kah Meng, a leading scientist on molecular biomedicine, allows the active compounds in the bird’s nest to be retained in their optimal state. This means that the absorption efficacy of each sachet is even higher than that of traditional bird’s nest products.

To boost the health benefits of bird’s nest, the product comes with red Korean ginseng, believed to improve cognition, as well as antioxidant-rich Aronia berries. While I expected the texture to be jelly-like, it turned out to be a rather smooth liquid that slid down my throat quickly, with a pleasant taste that could be best described as tart and mildly sweet.

Although there weren’t bits of fibrous birds’ nest in the sachet, you can be assured its goodness is all absorbed into your body. Wellnest says that formulated natural enzymes are used to break down the bird’s nest into a state that’s suitable for regular daily intake.

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