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Tinder Rolls Out Fresh Updates to Make Pandemic Dating More Exciting

by Voices Wellness 19 Oct 2021
Photo: Tinder

Tired of swiping without success? These new app updates will help you find the right match. 

Dating is challenging enough as it is, without a pandemic breathing down its neck. From the app that made “swiping right” a cultural phenomenon, comes its biggest update yet. By mid-October, the dating app will be launching Explore—an in-app hub featuring new and interactive ways for users to navigate its profiles.

If you’ve been eyeing all the fishes in the sea, these new functions promise to help you find better matches through social connection. There’s a chat-first function called Hot Takes, which encourages users to flirt to their hearts’ content via speed dating. A timer counts down as users chat and decide if they want to match, before switching to someone new. The chats happen daily between 6pm and midnight, so there’s plenty of time to plan your best pick-up lines.

The Explore hub will also refine the curation of profiles. For instance, users can state the mood they’re in or highlight an activity they enjoy. Their interests, from gaming to music, will guide the algorithm to show users suitable profiles who are into similar hobbies. This allows users to define their own dating and matching experience for a higher rate of success.

Like Instagram, Tinder has also given its users the ability to verify their accounts with an elusive blue tick. The app has a Trust and Safety feature that allows users to self-authenticate using a series of real-time posed selfies, which will be compared to their profile photos. Don’t fancy being catfished? There’s now the option to view only Photo Verified profiles in Explore.


Meanwhile, other fun features include Vibes and Swipe Night, both designed around social interactions. In Vibes, users will be notified when a session starts in their area. To join, they’ll have to answer a series of questions regarding personality traits and pop culture to see which profiles they’ll best vibe with. Answers to these questions will be displayed in the chat windows so that pairings can converse with more context. These sessions last for just 48 hours, so make the most of your time!

Possibly the most exciting new feature, Swipe Night is an immersive, first-person event where users can swipe at key points in an experience to move a story forward and see where that leads them. Think of this as the dating app version of Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch or your favourite childhood choose your own adventure book.

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