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These Mobile Gyms Could Be the Next Big Thing in Home-based Fitness

by Voices Wellness 20 May 2021
Photo: Hustle Hut

Can’t go to the gym? Let it come to you. An alternative to online fitness classes, these one-on-one sessions come with personalised training and quality equipment. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

To upkeep your fitness regime while being stuck at home demands, not just motivation, but also a hefty amount of discipline. If virtual fitness classes aren’t quite your thing and you prefer hands-on guidance from the experts to ensure you’re handling workout equipment right, then mobile trainers are a good option.

More relevant now than ever, gym-on-wheels services allow physical trainers to come to your doorstep and deliver one-on-one exercise sessions that are targeted to your fitness goals and capabilities. They’re also great for those working with past injuries and who require extra attention to form.

Here are our top picks:


SG Housecall Personal Training

Crush your fitness goals with a little help from the physical trainers at SG Housecall, who offer a range of training programs targeted at muscle gain, weight loss, body transformation, and injury management. Expect customised workout plans catered to one’s fitness levels and abilities, which are adjusted according to progress. Professional gym equipment, including dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, and exercise benches are all be provided. Prices start at $200 for three sessions.

More information here.


Hustle Hut 

Maintain social distancing and get a mean workout in when you book a private session with Hustle Hut, a gym-on-wheels service that offers personal training, customised workout plans, and physical health advice. Led by accredited personal trainers, the services are priced from $80 per session for a frequency of three or more sessions a week over 10 weeks. Whether you’re into strength training, running, or yoga, they’ll be able to create a specialised program meant for you.

More information here.



As Singapore’s first Muay Thai mobile gym, Fitstop offers on-demand classes around the city-state. Started by coach Ace Tan to make the combat sport more affordable and accessible to the public, the company offers personalised Muay Thai classes via a truck outfitted with heavy sandbags and equipment like focus mitts, kick pads, jump ropes, kettlebells, and more. Whether you’re hoping to improve your jabs or quicken your defensive moves, the sessions promise step-by-step guidance.

More information here.



If you’re unsure about personal training, give it a go with Athleaders’ free trial before committing to a training program. Founded by Bernhard Lieder, the health and fitness coaching company specialises in personal coaching sessions that can take place at a location of your choice, be it the outdoors or your living room. Aside from high-quality workouts designed according to your goals, the sessions also come with individualised nutrition coaching—all of their head coaches are Precision Nutrition certified.

More information here.

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