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Support Singapore’s Elderly Hawkers Via New Instagram Page @WhereToDapao

by Voices Wellness 02 Jun 2021
Photo: Unsplash

Shine a spotlight on your favourite local hawker stalls during these challenging times by promoting them on this new initiative. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

Singapore’s world-renowned culinary scene is closely tied to hawker culture, a living heritage that sees the locals bond over hearty and multi-cultural dishes in a communal setting. But with the tightened COVID-19 measures, dining in at F&B establishments has been halted, resulting in a slew of challenges for those in the food industry.

While most tech-savvy restaurateurs and café owners have been able to launch on online delivery and takeaway platforms, the same can’t be said about elderly hawkers. To help them gain online exposure, Instagram page @wheretodapao was launched in end-May to promote these lesser-known gems. The Instagram handle cleverly translates to takeaways in the Chinese language—alluding to the fact that we can’t dine in at restaurants these days. According to the page, three posts on three hawkers will be published each day, with the stalls crowd-sourced from the public.

To promote your favourite hawker stall, simply go to the Instagram page’s link in bio and fill up a Google form including details such as the stall name, its story, opening hours, food review, and more. Images can also be uploaded so that the public can get a better idea of each stall’s food offerings.

Despite starting about one and a half weeks ago, the account has already garnered 31.9k followers. Each post includes not only information like stall address and menu highlights, but also interesting anecdotes about the owners, their founding story, and even quirks behind the creation of the dishes.

For instance, the post on Pastry For Life stall reads: “All [of] her children are working adults and doing well in their respective fields since they have “flown out of the nest”. Aunty very cutely patted her bao-steamer and said “these are my babies now”.”

Meanwhile, the Shun Fa post describes the dynamics between the husband and wife team behind the stall: “She doesn’t complain about the tedious work that comes with it at all and says that she supports her husband in what he does and is always by his side.”

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