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Stylish and Sustainable Alternatives to Disposable Cutlery and Tableware

by Voices Wellness 03 Mar 2021
Photo: Ekobo

Leading a zero-waste lifestyle can be a breeze with these thoughtfully-designed alternatives to disposable cutlery and tableware. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS

Contrary to popular belief, the plastic cutlery doled out by cafes and takeaway joints these days weren’t considered disposable when they were first introduced in the 1940s. People, fuelled by the frugal habits from the globally devastating Great Depression, would wash and reuse their plastic cutlery.

But with the post-war economic boom and mid-twentieth century overabundance, a “throw-away” culture became commonplace. With that, plastic cutlery became mass-produced, disposable, and gradually worked its way into the environment as it can take years for such material to break down naturally. As most plastic utensils are made of polystyrene, they release toxic chemicals when heated and can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. According to The Ocean Conservancy, plastic cutlery is listed among the deadliest type of waste to mammals, birds, and sea turtles.

A quick solution is this: bringing your own cutlery when you dine out. By swapping convenience for a tiny bit of extra bag space, you’ll be doing a part in saving the environment. Here, we’ve curated some stylish yet sustainable alternatives to disposable plastic cutlery and tableware.

Photo: Newly


Made from 100 percent recycled glass, this brand’s range of glassware was launched in response to the realisation that not enough consumer goods were made with recycled material. You’ll find everything you need for a dinner party, such as pitchers, tumblers, wine glasses, and pint glasses. The Tavola wine glasses come with an aesthetically pleasing seafoam tint as a result of the recycled glass used.

More information here.

Photo: Bamboo Straw Girl

Bamboo Straw Girl 

The Singapore-based social enterprise offers cutlery sets packaged in striking batik wraps made from fabric offcuts and dead-stock fabric by independent seamstresses in the same villages where they produce their reusable bamboo straws. Be spoilt for choice by cutlery sets made in beechwood, birchwood, and bamboo, as well as stainless steel flasks that are a great alternative to plastic bottles.

More information here. 

Photo: Ekobo


Available in bright colours—from tomato red to lemon yellow, their tableware is crafted from raw organic bamboo sawdust, a by-product of China’s chopstick and flooring industry. Finely grounded into powder, the sawdust is combined with a food-safe and non-toxic melamine binding resin to create a sturdy BIOBU bamboo material. You’ll find tableware including bowls, plates, cups, trays, and utensils.

More information here.

Photo: Your Sustainable Store

Your Sustainable Store

Your one-way ticket to a zero-waste life can be found at this online store, which purveys house brands and other sustainable brands across beauty products, kitchenware, and more. Find green alternatives like beeswax wrap for your takeaway sandwiches, reusable bubble tea straws for your boba fix, cotton net tote bags for your lunch, and pretty takeaway cups made from bamboo fibre.

More information here.

Photo: Minna


Textured napkins and table runners complement their collection of bowls, tumblers, mugs, and serving bowls. Working exclusively with master weavers and artisan collectives based in Mexico, the brand helps to support craft preservation and job creation, in addition to allowing their partners to set their own wages. If beautiful textiles are your weakness, this brand will delight you with its timeless designs.

More information here.

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