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Singapore Start-up Ease Encourages People to Take Charge of Their Sexual Wellbeing

by Voices Wellness 05 Feb 2021
Photo: Ease

A seamless online platform that empowers sexual healthcare with tele-consultaions, delivery of birth control pills, and more. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS

Even with the sheer amount of knowledge available these days, sexual wellbeing continues to be a topic tied to stigma and a certain degree of shame. In particular, healthcare services regarding sexual and reproductive health services, such as buying contraceptives in Singapore, are typically inconvenient, expensive, and lacking in privacy.

Ease, a homegrown start-up, hopes to change that by offering a platform for people to be empowered to take control of their sexual health and have related discussions in a judgment-free space.

For instance, purchasing birth control pills in person involves a scheduled consultation with a doctor, long waiting times at the clinic, followed by a visit to the pharmacy to get the medication. As an alternative, Ease offers services like prescription and delivery of birth control and emergency contraception, as well as sexual health tele-consultations and treatment, via a seamless online platform.

Photo: Ease

Through a minimalist and clean user interface, the site breaks down its services into three easy steps. Users start by filling up a health questionnaire and scheduling an appointment with one of their doctors. The physicians will then review their answers and either issue a prescription or arrange a test. Finally, medication will be delivered, or in other cases, test results will be available within seven days.

Medication, including birth control pills and emergency contraceptives, is delivered in a discreet pastel packaging that wouldn’t look out of place among shopping packages. Currently, six different brands of birth control pills are available, with their birth control delivery service starting from $29.

According to Ease, birth control pills are a start, with plans to eventually expand into other areas of sexual healthcare such as STD (sexually transmitted diseases) testing and fertility.

Designed to be informative, the site also features a “learn” section, which has articles on topics such as family planning, the history of menstrual health stigma, as well as the LGBTQ+ health movement.

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