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Singapore Personalities Share the Wellness Tips They’ve Learnt From Their Mothers

by Voices Wellness 08 May 2021
Photo: Unsplash

From reminding us to eat our meals to offering sound advice, mothers have lovingly offered their wisdom since time immemorial. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate the wonderful wisdom of the motherly figures in our life—whether it’s our birth mother, a mentor, or even a female friend. We spoke to these local personalities from various walks of life, from celebrities to wellness experts, and had them share the best wellness-related tips they’ve learnt.



Elyn Wong, designer of homegrown fashion label Stolen Stolen

“Laughter is the best medicine. Instead of the typical health advice, my sociable mother always believes in laughing and having fun as that’s the surest way to stay healthy. I have definitely inherited her social skills too.”

Tina Chugani, Kundalini yoga instructor

“My grandmother was always full of love, no matter the situation. She told me that happiness was our birthright. Her secret to staying happy was never comparing herself to others who are better off than her and being grateful for how fortunate she is. She lived her life with gratitude and that in turn transformed all her fears to love, which she gladly shared with all those around her. She had a beautiful energy and I’m grateful for having her in my life.”

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Jaime Teo, Fly Entertainment artiste

“My mother’s top wellness tip to drink warm water. A glass in the morning, before brushing teeth, a glass before and after a meal, as well as a glass to curb headaches. Even when I stop by her office while cycling, she would tout the benefits of warm water. She says it’s good for the skin but I used to be skeptical. Nonetheless, her youthful skin is starting to convince me otherwise so I’ve started drinking more warm water in recent years. Plus, it’s true that warm water is easier to drink than room temperature water. Try it!”

Cassandra Riene Tan, nutritionist and owner of The Ritual Café and Bar

“Recently I met with my ex-college lecturer—a mother figure in my life, who is an amazing woman. She shared that as females, we have the ability to create and bring life which I thought is a pretty profound statement. That reinforced my belief in natural wellness and healing. If our bodies are able to perform such a miraculous act, then the ability of the body to heal itself shouldn’t come as a surprise. While creating a baby, we take care of our bodies like a sacred temple; when in fact we should treat our bodies as such, in all occasions.”

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Ezann Lee, actress

“Always keep yourself warm wherever u are. Bring sweaters or anything that keeps u warm so that you don’t catch a cold.”

Alce, yoga teacher

“My mom doesn’t tell me much. Often, she just listens and understands my moments of sorrow, before hugging me with a gentle smile on her face. Nonetheless, I feel that she understands me more than any words can express. Her presence means everything to me.”



Nat Ho, Singer, actor, and entrepreneur

“Rest more, don’t drink so much cold water, and take your Vitamin C. These are all common wellness refrains and reminders that I’ve heard from my mom over the years. I’m generally pretty good with them except for the rest part, mostly because I’m such a workaholic—I often get about five to six hours of sleep on average, sometimes even as little as two to three hours during busy times. I’m not proud of it, but duty calls. My mom is also the one who taught me the value of hard work and responsibility, so sometimes sleep gets sacrificed.”

Debbra Lee, baker and owner of Bisou Bake Shop

“My mom always says that a good cup of tea makes everything better. She has also taught me so much more than good manners, kindness, and honesty. She encouraged my brother and I to be true to ourselves and our beliefs. She taught us to never live with “what if’s” and “I wish I had.” She told us both to go out and do what we want to do with our lives and to be happy.”

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Sophie Sanders, Baptise yoga educator

“My mom made breakfast for us every morning as she believed that it was the most important way to start the day. I remember her making us sardine-wrapped french toast for school. It wasn’t the most healthy snack but she certainly ensured that we enjoyed breakfast every morning without fail.”

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