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Puma’s Newest Running Line is Fuelled by Nitrogen Gas

by Voices Wellness 21 Apr 2021
Photo: Puma

Run like the wind with the Puma NITRO running line, which features an advanced foam technology infused with nitrogen for effortless strides. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

Puma might be better known for its street style worthy apparel than its performance-based trainers, but that’s not to say they’re not taking the latter seriously. Beyond its cool collaborations—from Maison Kitsuné to Fenty, the German athleisure brand has also seen Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, through his record-breaking sprint in 2009.

Now, they’re getting back into the game with the launch of new running line Puma NITRO. Featuring an advanced foam technology infused with nitrogen gas to boost responsiveness and cushioning, the collection is designed for high mileage runs. Lightweight enough to be carried around in gym bags, these shoes help one achieve an effortless run.

Photo: Puma

Another note-worthy feature is the Puma GRIP, a durable rubber compound outsole that improves the shoes’ surface traction. When worn, runs feel more grounded no matter which terrain you’re on. Meanwhile, the women’s line features specially crafted shoes for the female foot, with a narrow heel, lower in-step, and sculpted arch shape.

The star of the collection is the Deviate NITRO, which comes with two layers of the NITRO foam, as well as the new INNOPLATE technology. The INNOPLATE is an inter composite carbon fibre plate that acts as a lever to propel the foot forward, so as to improve running efficiency with more forceful strides.

The Deviate NITRO for women.

If you’re prone to injuries or have weak arches, the Eternity NITRO is a good choice thanks to its runGUIDE system that aids with proper alignment of the foot. This results in better comfort and stability, supporting runners each step of the way. Avid sprinters, on the other hand, can go for the Liberate NITRO, which is built for both short and long-distance runs. Lightweight and well cushioned, The Liberate NITRO features a mono-mesh upper to drain water should you speed past a puddle or two.

New to running? Comfort is key with the Velocity NITRO, which offers optimal cushioning and responsiveness in a well-fitted design.


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