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Net-a-Porter Partners Capella Singapore to Launch Sustainability-Themed Staycation

by Voices Wellness 18 Aug 2021
Photo: Net-a-Porter

Throughout September, the public can book a luxurious staycation experience called “A Considered Life”, featuring products from the Net Sustain range. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

The global drive for sustainability hasn’t stopped short at luxury fashion, with companies like Net-a-Porter ramping up efforts to promote ethical practices in the online shopping realm. Its curated platform, Net Sustain, was launched back in 2019 to spotlight brands that reduce waste and align with best practices in the fashion and beauty industries. With more than 150 brands on board, the initiative ensures that all featured products have gone through checks to ensure they do not compromise human, animal, and environmental welfare.

Photo: Capella Singapore

Now, the fashion portal is bringing its Net Sustain experience offline thanks to a timely partnership with Capella Singapore. Throughout September this year, the public can book a luxurious staycation experience called “A Considered Life”. With sustainability at its heart, this collaboration package includes a gift set consisting of both a Net Sustain beauty kit, as well as a Mr. Porter grooming kit. Guests can expect to join a fine selection of workshops that will encourage them to make eco-conscious choices in their daily lives—from craft sessions to cooking and growing their own edible garden.

Photo: Net-a-Porter

Those who’d like to participate in the Net Sustain experience from the comfort of home can check out a digital art exhibition titled Please Insert Women. The exhibition will feature nine original augmented reality (AR) art pieces created by four local female and non-binary artists, inspired by Net Sustain and its attributes.

Lea Cranfield, chief buying & merchandising officer, NET-A-PORTER, MR PORTER, and THE OUTNET, said: “We are delighted to partner with Capella Singapore and The MeshMinds Foundation in bringing to life our NET SUSTAIN values. At NET-A-PORTER, we aim to enable customers to make informed and conscious choices through our NET SUSTAIN edit and post-purchase solutions – Capella Singapore is an ideal partner for us to continue this commitment to encourage a more circular culture in one of the world’s most digitally competitive cities.”

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