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Need to Fix Dandruff or a Greasy Scalp? Try This Organic Treatment

by Voices Wellness 28 Sep 2021
One of the many photo corners in the salon.

Our editor tries out Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions’ signature scalp treatment and here’s her verdict. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

When you’re in your late twenties and early thirties, scalp care often comes as an afterthought. We panic only when pesky dandruff starts appearing or when hair starts falling more rapidly than before. As somebody whose salon trips typically consists of haircuts or a trendy dye job, the idea of a scalp treatment seemed to appeal to people far more senior my age. Turns out, I was wrong.

The ninth outlet of Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions, located at Suntec City, counts young adults as the majority of its clientele, which explains why its interior features Instagram-worthy corners complete with tongue-in-cheek neon signs, floral backdrops, and plush seats. Contrary to its clinical-sounding brand name, Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions offers a plethora of hair services aside from scalp treatments, including haircut, styling, and colouring. At its heart is the belief that without proper scalp care—cleansing, rebalancing, and moisturising, other fancy mane treatments can be futile.

A closer look at the scalp.

I tried out their signature Advance Hair Growth Treatment, a 60-minute scalp treatment designed to restore scalp wellness by removing destructive enzymes within the scalp that obstructs hair growth. Priced from S$248, the seven-step treatment can be customised according to one’s scalp and hair conditions.

My experience started with a scalp analysis, paired with close-up scans of my scalp displayed on the smart mirror before me. Thankfully, my scalp was dandruff-free but suffered from greasy spots especially at the crown of my head possibly due to my stressful and active lifestyle. To start, a high-frequency device shaped like a hairbrush was used to comb through my hair, to remove bacteria and toxic impurities on my scalp. It’s also said to improve blood circulation and revitalise the scalp to supply better nutrients for hair growth.

Products used for the scalp treatment.

Then, the Exfo-Peel cream was massaged onto my scalp for the purpose of controlling excess sebum, hydration, and purification. Formulated with calming chamomile, the cream left my scalp with a cooling, almost minty-fresh sensation. According to the scalp therapist, the cream would also soothe irritated or inflamed scalps, while preventing the formation of dandruff.

A rebalancing ampoule was then diffused into my scalp with the use of a nano-air brush. With ginseng being the key ingredient, the ampoule was made to boost the scalp’s dermal cells, thereby strengthening hair follicles and roots. The final step was the use of bio-light to help all the products penetrate deeply into the deeper levels of the scalp.

To my surprise, the second round of scalp analysis showed that my scalp was significantly cleaner and less greasy than before. Although treatment is recommended once a fortnight optimally, just one session shows promising results.

From now until the end of October, Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions is offering a 50 percent discount on all services at the new Suntec City outlet.

More information here.

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