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Meet Moom, the Vitamin Subscription for Wellness-Minded Millennials

by Voices Wellness 11 Oct 2021
Photo: Moom

Boost your wellbeing with a vitamin subscription catered specially to your needs. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

“Drink more water, eat your vitamins, and stay warm” were the golden words of advice from mom whenever I left home for work trips. Even though I haven’t travelled in a while, her words resonated with me during these uncertain times.

Upkeeping a wellness ritual has become a large part of self-care for many millennials including myself, along with personalised regimes catered to our exact needs. Meet Moom, a wellness brand offering exactly that—a modern-day wellness ritual through daily supplement packs. While supplement subscriptions are nothing new, this homegrown brand prides itself as the antithesis to standardised supplements and healthcare.

Photo: Moom

Founded by sisters Mili and Maya Kale,  after years of struggling with significant late-stage hormonal acne and eczema, as well as PCOS, respectively,  Moom is a female-led brand meant for women.

What this translates to is a personalised approach to one’s wellbeing, backed by an expert panel well-versed in both medical and alternative medical fields including gynaecology, dermatology, naturopathy, as well as Ayurveda philosophies. New customers start their ritual by completing a comprehensive quiz that includes one’s lifestyle habits like diet and allergies, forms of hormonal contraception, and current supplement intake. While the questions are generally geared towards women, their supplements are suitable for anybody, whether you’re a man, woman, trans, or non-binary.

Photo: Moom

The quiz results come in the form of supplement recommendations that are designed to suit your lifestyle and habits. You’ll then have the option to order monthly subscriptions of these supplements with a 30-day supply, which will arrive in personalised sachets made from biodegradable plastic, specifically by the Reverte additive. The sachets are dispensed from a beautifully designed box made from sugar cane pulp, that’s not only renewable but also a compostable resource without toxic residue. Moom’s experts recommend taking the daily dose consistently for at least three months and ideally six months for optimal results.

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