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Meaningful Card Games for Connecting With Loved Ones

by Voices Wellness 08 Feb 2021
Picture by Ezequiel Garrido on Unsplash.

Fun games to bring your group of eight closer.  By LYDIA KWON. 

The upcoming Lunar New Year will be quieter than usual for most, but don’t let social distancing rob the wonders of meaningful connection. The bright side of being restricted to smaller congregations is that we get to spend our time with people who truly matter. Even within the confines and comfort of home, there are fun ways to deepen your bond with loved ones. Here’s one—playing card games that help empower your friendships and relationships.

For couples getting to know each other: We’re Not Really Strangers 

We’re Not Really Strangers was created for the purpose of facilitating meaningful connections between two people. The game has four levels to it, and each advancement brings you to a deeper understanding of your co-player, making it the perfect game for couples getting to know each other. First, there’s Perception, where both players discuss their initial impressions of each other; followed by Connection, where both answer from 50 questions designed to further uncover one’s personal history (the website warns of emotional moments); and Reflection, where both parties draw from cards that can set the future course of the relationship, such as “What can we create together?” The fourth and final play ends with an instruction to write a handwritten note to the other party, to be opened you’ve taken leave of each other. 

What we like: The game’s ending touch of the handwritten letter. In a world where technology commands all of our attention and increasingly compromises our focus on the people around us, this card game reinforces the importance of the human touch.

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For dating couples: Love Language 

All relationships need time and effort to blossom. Even if you feel like you already know your partner, the truth is that it could take a lifetime to truly understand someone. A good place to start is to first acknowledge the other’s love language, a term coined by Dr. Gary Chapman, who came up with the five different love languages: acts of service, spending quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, and receiving gifts. While there are many surveys online to determine yours, a card game like Love Language offers a more comprehensive experience. The game has five categories of play: Family, Intimacy, Couple, Individual and Past & Future, so that they can be revisited again and again.

What we like: This game is inspired by couples’ psychology, which teaches that connection between two people can be strengthened when you ask each other a series of personal questions. We think the game makes a fun yet meaningful way to strengthen existing relationships.

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For families: Big Talk

What makes a family? Whether it’s the one you’re born into or the one that you’ve chosen, family tends to be a blessing that we sometimes take for granted. As we go about our busy daily lives, our connection with family members can gradually fade into the background and small talk becomes the only talk. Big Talk was created from the desire to reinstate meaningful conversation between kin. It’s a purely question-and-answer game, which makes it easy to understand and play. To encourage eleboration, the questions are cleverly worded in such a way that it’s impossible to brush them away with one-word answers. 

What we like: This game has virtually no rules. The sheer ease of play means that even younger members of the family can take part, so no one’s left out. 

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For friends: Soulversations

Soulversations is an amalgamation of the words “soulful” and “conversations”, and that’s exactly what one can expect from the game. It features 100 questions and fun activities that are played between three or more players, making it perfect for groups of friends. This game also has a competitive spin that sets it apart from the others on the list. The goal of the game, apart from building meaningful connections with your friends, is to collect a complete Soulversations set. 

What we like: All the proceeds from the sale of the Soulversations game goes to the Eayikes grassroots programs, a non-profit organisation which supports the building of meaningful relationships among communities. What could be better than improving your relationships while supporting a good cause? 

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For colleagues or new friends: We! Connect

We! Connect aims to make icebreakers less awkward and painful. It contains 60 question-and-answer cards that call for fun conversations, such as “the strangest thing you have ever done.” This game doesn’t mandate any uncomfortable reveals and keeps the mood light-hearted, making it perfect for strangers, new friends, or even colleagues at your workplace. The mere 60 questions translate to a a quick game of rapid questions in succession, so it’s great for when you want to connect, but don’t have the time (or patience) to sit through long game sessions.

What we like: A guaranteed refund policy if you don’t like the game. We! Connect’s so sure you’ll love it, that we have no doubts too. 

Get it here.

The journey to building more meaningful connections doesn’t have to be hard, and the process doesn’t pause because of the pandemic. Dedicate some time over the upcoming Lunar New Year holidays to trying out these games with your significant other, friends or family. We’re sure you’ll see your efforts manifest in many delightful ways. 


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