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Little Acts of Kindness to Do Today and Everyday

by Voices Wellness 01 Dec 2021
Photo: Unsplash

Showing kindness is the simplest way to feel more positive emotions and forge stronger relationships. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

Are the upcoming Christmas festivities making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Whether the season has religious meaning to you or is simply a magical time for good food and gatherings, one thing’s for sure; gratitude is a major theme. Feeling thankful during the yuletide season might be a given, but why not make it an everyday affair?

Studies have shown that with gratitude and kindness, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives, and this can help them feel more positive emotions, deal better with adversity, and forge stronger relationships. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a non-exhaustive list to try. These little but powerful acts of kindness might not be sweeping gestures, but they’ll nonetheless make the world a better place both for yourself and others!

Photo: Unsplash
  1. Bake/cook something for your loved ones
  2. Offer to do a chore or run an errand for someone
  3. Give away items for free, either to a charity or someone in need
  4. Hand down useful items like books, clothing, or electronics
  5. Deliver surprise flowers to someone
  6. Ask an elderly person to share their life story with you
  7. Offer to pay for someone’s bill just because
  8. Buy a coffee for your colleagues
  9. Write or text a thank you note to someone you’re grateful to
  10. Let a stranger go in front of you in line
  11. Help clean up somebody else’s mess
  12. Be an active listener and make eye contact when speaking
  13. Compliment someone not just on their dressing
  14. Volunteer to help with a task
  15. Congratulate someone’s achievements
  16. Journal your blessings and things you’re grateful for
  17. Visit the sick and elderly
  18. Always say thank you, no matter how small the favour
  19. Be kind to service staff
  20. Be patient with people
  21. Donate to a cause you believe in
  22. Be the first to say sorry after resolving an argument
  23. Show support to loved ones who need you
  24. Pick up trash if you spot them
  25. Catch up with old friends
  26. Make time for your family
  27. Take a walk in nature
  28. Tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them
  29. Write down everything you love about yourself
  30. Take a break from social media to be fully present

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