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Is This $300 Oura Ring the Fitness Tracker of the Future?

by Voices Wellness 06 Apr 2021
Photo: Oura

If you’re looking to enhance your sleep pattern, health status, and fitness regime—consider putting a ring on it. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

A welcome alternative to smartwatches and wristlets, the latest wellness gadget exists in the form of a $300 Oura Ring. Seen on the likes of personalities like Prince Harry and NBA star players, the nifty wearable device even tracks one’s temperature, aside from the above-mentioned features.

Photo: Oura

At a glance, the ring resembles a typical wedding band, but look inside and you’ll find a bunch of fancy albeit tiny sensors that collect biometric data directly from the arteries within your finger. Compared to wrist placement, a finger tracker detects a more detailed scope of information including daily active caloric burn on activities as specific as household chores. Instead of the green light LEDs commonly used in other tech wearables, Oura is designed to use infrared light photoplethysmography sensors, which claim to reach deeper within.

General health tracking is what the ring does best, as its built-in sensors effectively track calories, steps, activity levels, period cycles, and even naps and inactive periods. Working round the clock as long as it’s worn, the ring also monitors one’s heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, deep and REM sleep, and overall sleep quality. Although rumours have it that the ring is able to detect the onset of COVID-19 due to its ability to track changes in body temperature while the virus is at an asymptomatic stage, there’s little proof as yet.

Photo: Oura

Curious about how healthy your lifestyle has been? The collected data will be collated into three scores, namely Sleep, Activity, and Readiness—the higher your score, the healthier you are in each area. Over time, users will learn to improve their scores through longer hours of REM and deep sleep, longer hours of activity during the day, and more.

When paired with the Oura app, the ring becomes a powerful tool that allow users to check their personal data on a smartphone so that they can easily make changes to their lifestyles and habits for the better.

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