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How to Build a Smart Home Gym for Your Fitness Goals

by Voices Wellness 19 Aug 2021
Photo: Lululemon

Forget about hustling for space at the local gym—why not create your own state-of-the-art gym in the comfort of home? By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

Now that we’re spending a significant amount of time working and playing from home, it makes good sense to invest in home fitness equipment that helps to keep us in shape even without gym access. And we’re not just talking about smartwatches and devices that track our heart rate and caloric burn—a new generation of AI-powered gym equipment for home-based fitness is doing all that and more.

From a mirror that doubles as a home studio to a hi-tech resistance training platform, there’s plenty these intuitive machines offer, including the competitive spirit and camaraderie of a group class.

Here’s how you can build your smart home gym:

Photo: Vitruvian

Your own weights station: Vitruvian V-Form Trainer

This state-of-the-art machine might resemble the step platform used in aerobic classes, but look closer and you’ll see there’s a retractable cable and handle on each side, that can be easily interchangeable with ankle straps, a bar, or a rope. Illuminated by LED lights, the motorised resistance system offers a combined pull of 180kg—users can set the weight, reps, and mode before starting their session. For instance, the Old School mode recreates the feel of static weights while the Pump mode increases resistance the faster you go. Need extra motivation? The compatible app comes with more than 200 exercises and over 50 classes, categorised by technique and muscle groups.

More information here.

Photo: Lululemon

Your all-in-one home studio: Mirror

Owned by popular fitness apparel brand Lululemon, this metre-tall mirror may look like a typical looking glass but doubles as a high-definition, 1,080-pixel screen. This allows users to check their form while following workout classes across 50 genres including yoga, barre, boxing, cardio, dance, and strength training both by streaming in real-time and downloading pre-recorded videos. Those who fancy the ambient of a group class can join daily live classes, made possible by the Mirror’s camera and microphone, where instructors can see you and give feedback, while other students can only view your profile photo. Users can sync to the Mirror via Bluetooth to measure their heart rate, allowing the programme’s algorithms to track their results and build a personalised program.

More information here.

Photo: Jaxjox

Stackable kettlebells that don’t take up space: Jaxjox Kettlebell Connect 2.0

The challenge with kettlebell training at home often lies with finding sufficient space to keep one’s growing collection of kettlebells in various weights and sizes. With the Jaxjox Kettlebell Connect 2.0, users can customise the weight they desire by stacking. The nifty equipment comes with a plastic shell housing five interlocking weight plates, along with a charging base and an LCD Panel. Before starting your workout, stack everything together and place them on the base, then select the weights needed by pressing the buttons on the base. Once there’s a beep, the kettlebell is ready to use—the plates can hold steady for 14 hours before requiring another round of charging. Including the shell and plates, the kettlebell weighs a total of 42 pounds and can track performance metrics like reps, sets, and average power.

More information here.

Photo: Crucycle

On-demand indoor cycling experience: CRU TV Bike

Miss riding to the beat of the music? Homegrown fitness and lifestyle group CRU68, which owns popular indoor cycling studio CruCycle, has unveiled a custom spinning bike for students to continue working out from the comfort of their homes. Called the CRU TV Bike, it comes packaged with a 12-month CRU TV membership and a set of weights. The bikes are designed with a 21.5-inch touchscreen that rotates 180 degrees so that users can transit effortlessly from cycling to cardio and strength exercises on the floor. Features include a power meter to measure distance, magnetic resistance modulation for low maintenance, as well as handlebars that boost spring lift assist for easy height adjustment.

More information here.

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