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Highlights of Voices Virtual, Our Inaugural Online Wellness Retreat

by Voices Wellness 31 May 2021

More than 150 participants showed up in full force, sweated it out at fitness classes, and learned more about their wellbeing through fun and educational seminars. By VOICES WELLNESS.

Now more than ever, wellness has gone from luxury to an essential part of our lives, thanks to a global pandemic that has caught us all by surprise. In light of May’s Mental Wellness Month, our inaugural online wellness retreat Voices Virtual took place from May 3 to 29, offering a much-needed respite from life’s anxieties and stressors.

While there weren’t fancy resort rooms or exotic beach destinations, more than 150 participants turned up in full force for thought-provoking wellbeing webinars, sweated it out at HIIT and yoga, and even whipped up healthy treats at our baking classes. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our enthusiastic hosts for the meaningful sessions and everyone who managed to join us on Zoom.

Cheryl Lee, the co-founder of Voices Wellness, said: “As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on the importance of mental wellbeing. If you joined us for our Voices Virtual retreat, we thank you and hope you found the sessions as beneficial for your mental and physical health as we did.”

“We look forward to curating more of such virtual wellness retreats in the future and eventually, also physical ones. We hope you’ll continue to join us as we create a safe and reliable space for you to find your centre and be well,” she adds.

Juana Lee, the co-founder of Voices Wellness, said: “Thank you for joining us in our first online retreat. We cherish the importance of supporting each other during these challenging times. Mental health has been the highlight of our May events and we hope you found them beneficial for you. Stay positive and embrace the struggles as they help build resilience, mental strength, and ultimately, your character. Live well and stay safe.”

Here are some of our favourite moments:

Instructor Elle Gwee from Axiom made us work hard for our lunch with an exciting high-intensity interval training class. Participants breezed through a quick warm-up before being challenged by push-up planks, jump squats, sprinter bounds, and more.


Aside from sharing about the importance of gut health, shojin ryori (Japanese Temple Food) expert Kumi King also demonstrated how to make kombucha from the comfort of one’s home. Here’s her with a big jar of the precious brew.


Happiness coach Shireena Shroff Manchharam‘s well-received webinar on combating stress and building resilience through gratitude, meditation, and compliments.


Debbra Lee, the owner of Bisou Bake Shop, shows off her freshly baked, healthy oatmeal raisin cookies. The recipe was specially created for the Depressed Cake Shop Singapore movement.


Osteopath Adam Wong from Edge Healthcare patiently answered participants’ burning questions regarding osteopathy—from pain management to bettering one’s posture while working from home.


Yoga instructor Tina Chugani guided participants through Kundalini exercises and meditation techniques to target stress and build resilience. Needless to say, we all emerged feeling much more relaxed after the session!


Exploring the theme of groundedness—and letting our creativity run wild while we’re at it, through an art experiential across two activities with Deborah Chen from the Singapore Association of Mental Health.


A fireside chat between Cassandra Riene Tan, nutritionist and entrepreneur, and Cheryl Lee, brought light to topics like mindful eating and bettering our relationship with food.


We enjoyed an empowering (and sweaty!) power flow practice guided by Sophie Sanders, which included plenty of downward dogs and sun salutations, alongside essential asanas like standing poses, forward bends, backbends, and twists.

Other memorable moments included calming yin yoga classes led by Alce in support of The Depressed Cake Shop movement in Singapore, as well as Kiki Bianca Tan‘s invigorating power flow session. Loved our online retreat? Keep checking back for more exciting wellness-themed events from Voices Wellness.

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