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VOICES VIRTUAL: Brewing Kombucha with Kumi King

by Voices Wellness Posted On 30 April 2021

Kumi King will be demonstrating how to make kombucha from the comfort of your home, as well as sharing tips and tricks on caring for your gut health. For participants who’ll like to follow along, here’s the recipe.


1. Glass jar (1.5 to 2 litres)

2. Clean cloth or high quality paper napkin

3. Rubber bands or threads

4. Ladle

5. Funnel

6. Glass bottles with lids


1. A piece of scoby

2. Starter liquid (fermented kombucha) 100 ml

3. Sugar (organic cane sugar or white sugar) 80 gm

4. 1 litre of black tea 1litre (2-3 tea bags per 1 litre of boiled water)


1. Prepare boiled water and place tea bags. Remove the tea bags after 10 minutes. Cool tea to room temperature.

2. Place the cool tea from (1) into the jar, add scoby and the starter liquid and swirl gently.

3. Place the clean cloth or paper napkin on top of the lid of the jar and tie rubber bands around the cloth or the paper napkin to secure it.

4. Leave it somewhere safe, away from direct sunlight and heat from cooking hob.

5. It will takes about 5-7days during the warm months and 10-12 days during colder months for the fermentation to take place and the sweet tea will begin to taste sour and more tart—similar to apple cider vinegar.

6. Once the Kombucha has reached the flavor you are happy with, transfer 90% of the fermented tea from the jar and transfer it into glass bottles with proper lids. Store them in the fridge.

7. Make new batch of sweet black tea (1 litre) and when it’s cool to the touch, add the scoby and the fermented tea from the last batch to the jar. 8. Repeat this process each time the tea reaches the fermented stage.

Topic: Kombucha Demonstration with Kumi King
Time: May 15, 2021 03:00 PM Singapore

Register for Zoom meeting here.

Kumi believes in lifelong learning and enjoys passing her knowledge forward as a teacher. Formerly a Pilates Instructor, Kumi is passionate about the Japanese plant-based culinary scene, She’s a Macrobiotic Master, as well as expert in shojin ryori (Japanese Temple Food). Kumi’s mission is to help improve people’s health by the incorporation of fermented cuisine in everyday life.

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