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Enjoy Sound Baths and Cacao Ceremonies at This Wellness Pop-up

by Voices Wellness 19 Apr 2021
Photo: The Inside Job

Let music and sound guide you into a better headspace with The Inside Job’s ongoing pop-up at The Great Room Raffles Arcade. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

The next time you find yourself caught in the hustle and bustle of your back-to-office routine, make a beeline for The Inside Job (TIJ). An ongoing pop-up at The Great Room Raffles Arcade, a co-working space nestled in the iconic Raffles Hotel in Singapore, TIJ offers wellness experiences centred on music and sound.

Founded by Celeste Chong, co-founder of the now defunct The Butter Factory club and former member of the founding team at The Great Room, The Inside Job is an extension of her love for self-discovery and connection. The company offers online programs, events, and workshops to help one relax, build resilience, and in time, discover happiness and self-love.

At the pop-up, one can enjoy hour-long relaxation sound baths themed to topics like gratitude and reflection. Participants will start by sipping on cacao tea as they pause and reflect on their week, before easing into a guided meditation sound bath where they’ll be led to a state of deep relaxation. The session then closes with a short sharing circle for each one to express what they’ve felt.

Photo: The Inside Job

To celebrate Mother’s Day, the May 9 session comes with a small gift for mothers, in the form of a “Bonne Nuit” roller blend from Sonder & Two—an uplifting blend of pure lavender, orange, and vetiver essential oils.

For the uninitiated, sound baths are a form of stress reduction technique where participants “bathe” in the sound waves produced by instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, chimes, drums, and the human voice. It’s said to aid one’s parasympathetic system, activating a “rest and digest mode” to help the body repair and recover.

Alternatively, one can book a two-hour-long cacao ceremony, which aims to lead participants towards an open-hearted state through sound, movement, connection exercises, and more. Backed by a rich history in ancient Mesoamerican civilisations, cacao is considered a sacred food commonly used in rituals, ceremonies, and even as currency. Its active ingredients help to relax the nervous system, allowing one to relieve stress and anxiety.

Held in a plush studio that comes with speakers and mood lighting, each session accommodates up to 12 for an immersive experience.

More information here.

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