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East Coast Park to Welcome a Family-Friendly Wellness Garden in End-2023

by Voices Wellness 30 Nov 2021
Photo: NParks

Expect inclusive features like ramps for the elderly and individuals with impaired mobility.

Flanked by a scenic coastline, East Coast Park is no doubt one of Singapore’s most well-loved urban getaways. The 15-kilometre stretch of beach draws cyclists, inline skaters, and joggers alike, while the plethora of restaurants, cafes, and bars make it a great destination for family and friends alike to gather. There’s also local fare at the East Coast Food Lagoon, as well as a world-class Xtreme Skate Park for adrenaline junkies.

Come end-2023, the park will welcome a multi-generational wellness garden with facilities for the whole family. Boasting the size of one football field, the KPMG Wellness Garden looks set to offer inclusive features like ramps for the elderly and individuals with impaired mobility. A total of four zones, namely Therapeutic Gardens, Nature Playgarden, Pond Trail, and Nature Fitness Area, await. As its name suggests, the rustic coastal-themed Therapeutic Gardens will encourage visitors to interact with nature to improve their mental well-being. Therapeutic horticulture sessions will also be held, with raised planter boxes offering access for those in wheelchairs.

Photo: NParks

Meanwhile, the little ones can run free at the Nature Playgarden, which is designed for those with impaired mobility. Features include a raised sand play box, a lookout platform accessible by ramp, as well as a raised musical play station. Those who prefer a relaxing stroll can check out the Pond Trail, which spotlights coastal flowers along the way. To sweat it out, head to the Nature Fitness Area, an outdoor gym built with materials like recycled logs.

By 2030, National Parks Board hopes to have 30 such gardens throughout Lion City. In about 10 years, there are also plans to have a 15-kilometre nature trail running the entire length of East Coast Park.

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