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Combat Festive Overeating with This Gut Health Programme

by Voices Wellness 03 Nov 2021
Photo: Balanced Living

Reset your gut health with this 10-day programme by Balanced Living.

With the Christmas and New Year festivities happening in less than two months, it might be a good time to check on your gut health. Before the indulgent feasting starts, why not make the effort to rebalance your body with a gut healing programme? If your daily bowel movements include symptoms like diarrhoea, constipation, and loose stools, likely, your gut isn’t at its healthiest.

Photo: Balanced Living

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, wellness centre Balanced Living has recently launched a 10-day gut makeover programme called Live Well 10. Though better known for its popular plant-based restaurant The Living Café, the homegrown company also offers holistic health workshops, as well as services from a full-fledged clinic helmed by practitioners in homeopathy, functional medicine, reiki, yoga, nutrition, and kinesiology. Established by master nutritionist Dana Heather in 2011 and now run by Emma Paris, the online and in-store retail space prides itself on nutrition research guided by holistic wisdom to help transform lives through simple diet adaptations.

Photo: Balanced Living

Designed for those looking to better understand their gut and overall health for sustainable wellbeing, the programme starts with an hour-long session with in-house practitioner Toni Baker. As a functional medicine practitioner, she supports her clients’ health journeys via diagnostic testing, medical and lifestyle history, as well as dietary and lifestyle changes. Over the 10 days, Toni will also be available on WhatsApp to guide participants and answer questions. Accompanying the programme is a booklet that comes with in-depth information about gut health, a 10-day lifestyle plan, as well as recipes from The Living Café.

Priced at S$695, the programme includes a six-day gut makeover meal plan delivered straight to your home, an Epic Water Filter bottle, S$50 vouchers to spend on The Living Café pantry items, as well as a 30-minute Zoom or phone session with Toni at the end. Conceptualised by Balanced Living owner Emma Paris and nutritional health expert Toni Baker, the twice-daily meals are packed full of sustainable, nourishing, and anti-inflammatory foods to restore and heal the gut.

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