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Art Jamming Studios in Singapore to Help You Destress and Relax

by Voices Wellness 27 Sep 2021
Photo: Motion Art Space

Splash some paint or doodle away to your hearts’ content—these art jamming studios are perfect for a day of creativity and relaxation. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

Making art is therapeutic in more ways than one, even if you don’t consider yourself creative at all. At these up-and-coming art jamming studios in Singapore, participants can express themselves through fun splashes of paint or a quick doodle in a non-judgmental space. They’ll be able to unleash their inner Picasso or Van Gough and hopefully leave the session with elevated feelings of happiness and relaxation.

Need to destress? Here are some art jamming studios to consider.

Photo: Motion Art Space

Motion Art Space 

Art meets science at Motion Art Space, a new art jamming studio that incorporates physics into the creation of abstract pieces. Expect to use a pendulum and spin painting techniques that will swirl vibrant hues onto your canvas in a dramatic manner. Packages are available for solo painters, couples, and families, with each session inclusive of the canvas, paint, and a variety of fun tools to help you create your masterpiece.

More information here.

Photo: Splat Paint House

Splat Paint House

When it comes to making art, zero rules apply at Splat Paint House. Participants will don waterproof suits, shoe covers, hair nets, and gloves to allow them to enjoy a fuss-free painting session. Make as much of a mess as you like by throwing paint against a canvas that’s hung on the wall, letting the paint drip to your hearts’ content, or even splashing UV paint to add a bit of extra flair. Each session includes canvas, squirt bottles, water guns, and other tools.

More information here.

Photo: Artefakts


Inspired by the word “artefacts”, this art jamming studio aims to help everyone create their own personalised artefact. The cosy yet relaxing space offers art jamming sessions alongside guided art classes and art workshops. Designed to be informative yet fun, the art programme delves into basics drawing techniques, inclusive of geometric and organic forms, as well as urban perspectives, which teaches one to create landscape drawings.

More information here.

Photo: Arteastiq


One of the OGs when it comes to art jamming, Arteastiq is designed for social painting. Part teahouse and part art studio, its Mandarin Gallery outlet offers daily freestyle painting sessions inclusive of a 50cm x 50cm canvas, unlimited acrylic paint, a set of brushes, a paint palette, as well as one free beverage. To whet your appetite, Thursday art jamming sessions also come with a free snack of the day, worth up to S$9.

More information here. 

Photo: Artify Studio

Artify Studio

This full-fledged art studio offers art classes, workshops, and art camps, alongside their art jamming arm called Liberty Art Jam. Participants can either book an unguided or guided 2.5-hour session that comes with materials including a canvas, acrylic paints and palette, brushes, and palette knives. It’s also noteworthy that the studio is Singapore’s first to run The Honour System, where one can either pay as they wish or honour the recommended S$35 giving guide.

More information here.


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