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A Day in the Life of Aura and Tarot Card Reader Selina Seah

by Voices Wellness 13 Sep 2021
Photo: Selina Seah

Selina Seah tells us how her alternative healing methods work and what her own self-care rituals look like. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

Once considered esoteric, alternative healing methods like aura and tarot card reading are rising in popularity among Singaporeans, thanks to a heightened interest in holistic wellness. They claim to give you a clearer picture of your physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as highlight potential opportunities and roadblocks to success. We chat with Selina Seah, a former musician and “aura master”, to understand what these healing methods are about and how they could benefit you.

What’s in a day’s work for you?

To help myself feel grounded, I start the day mindfully with a glass of infused water and deep breathing exercises. After my children go to school, I enjoy breakfast with my husband (also my business partner) and talk about anything under the sun. Occasionally, we also enjoy morning walks on the beach.

Depending on my schedule, my time is spent on client consultations or catching up with friends and like-minded people. My cherished rest time is for meditation, reading, and connecting with my loved ones.

As the founder of a holistic wellness brand, what is the most fulfilling part about your job, and what’s the most challenging?

The most fulfilling part is seeing my clients unlock new parts of themselves and discovering their energetic blueprint. I feel humbled to be part of their transformative journeys and it’s gratifying when they treat me like family. The most challenging part is finding a balance between my desire to do more for my community versus spending more time with my kids.

How did you first realise you had this intuition and knack for holistic healing?

Although it wasn’t in my plans, I’ve been trained as a musician since young. As a child, I had many intuitive experiences, such as feeling and seeing things. After teaching music for more than two decades, I now guide people on the rhythm of their energetic vibrations, their symphony of emotions, and their instrument—the body and mind.

 Alternative healing methods like aura reading and tarot cards are gaining popularity alongside more mainstream wellness activities like meditation and yoga. Why do you think that is so?

People used to think auras and tarot cards were an unknown mystery and a sort of divination that only people with special powers can perform. However, auras are backed by science and tarot cards are really tools to help with mindfulness. Now, there’s a realisation that these methods can help us make sense of our changing lives and help us gain new perspectives. Thanks to social media, there is now more information, as well as real-life experiences from people to lend more credibility to this space of work. 

What typically happens in an aura reading and a tarot card reading session? How can these help us understand ourselves better?

 As a start, I always make it clear that these sessions are for self-discovery. If one is hoping to get his/her fortune read and have things cast into stone, then this really isn’t it.

I begin with helping the client find their GPS—not their geographical location, but for where they are emotionally. I help them understand their aura and chakras, both of which carry a lot of information. Think of them as stations broadcasting your energetic signals, be it good or bad. I always say that we do not attract what we want but attract what we are.

After which, I help my clients seen where they are in their current situation, such as whether there are opportunities or speedbumps ahead. I use tarot cards as a mirror that uncovers one’s energy patterns, subconscious mind, and shadow self.

How has the ongoing pandemic changed your perspective about wellness?

The pandemic has further affirmed my belief that we need to be vibrating with the right positive emotions. While it’s imperative to keep our external environment clean and hygienic, we should be mindful about our energetic hygiene too, such as being aware of what energises and what drains us.

What does wellness mean to you and why?

It is being able to sleep knowing your day is done the moment your head hits the pillow, as well as to wake up feeling energised and full of life.

What does your own self-care regime look like?

I love creating rituals. As a 21st century multi-hyphenate, I’m a creature of routines and habits.  I find rituals very energising because it’s my form of self-expression and celebration.  It helps me go from being productive to being creative, and it turns routines into experiences. A simple bath ritual, a full moon ritual, a gratitude ritual, or even a detox ritual, really helps me connect with myself.

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