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5 Wellness Podcasts to Inspire a Better Body and Mind

by Voices Wellness 05 Oct 2021
Photo: Unsplash

Get expert advice on self-care, nutrition, as well as physical and mental health. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

Trying to lead happy and healthy lives amid an ongoing pandemic can be quite a challenge, especially with all the anxieties and uncertainties along the way. If you’re looking for inspiration on sleeping better, eating well, and fostering stronger relationships, here are five wellness-themed podcasts to listen to. 

On happiness and self-growth: Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

From the author of the bestselling title, 10% Happier, comes a podcast that explores happiness from all angles. Hosted by Dan Harris, a fidgety ABC News anchor who once suffered a panic attack live on “Good Morning America” and turned to meditation, the series is a thought-provoking one. Expect guests including meditation teachers like the Dalai Lama, as well as scientists, and the odd celebrity. Aside from meditation, experts on topics such as social anxiety, creativity, and relationships, will also share insights on training the mind for traits like calmness, happiness, and compassion.

On physical and mental wellbeing: TED Health

If you’ve ever wondered how exercise impacts your brain or how psychedelics can treat depression? This podcast will answer these burning questions and more. With refreshing candour, host Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider discusses topics like smart daily habits and new medical breakthroughs. Some of the more interesting episodes include ground-breaking research on how asparagus could treat complex spinal cord injuries, as well as one that talks about how to become a better human—from repairing broken connections to practicing emotional self-care.

How fitness impacts the body and mind: The Power of Ten by Decathlon

The largest sporting goods retailer in the world has a podcast series dedicated to fitness and how it improves our body and mind. Graham Bell, an adventurer, journalist, and former Olympic Skier host the series, which highlights prominent personalities in sports and media such as Strictly Come Dancing star Aljaz Skorjanec, world champion athlete Colin Jackson, as well as fitness expert Alice Living. Each guest discusses the role that fitness plays in their physical and mental wellbeing, along with top tips for a healthy body and mind. Expect each episode to come with a helpful take-home message meant to improve your focus and personal fitness plan.

On dealing with failures: How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

While we often celebrate achievements and things that have gone right, we rarely talk about embracing the stories and lessons learned from failures. This podcast by English novelist, journalist, and broadcaster, wants to focus on precisely that—what failures have taught us and how to succeed better. Her guests include stand-up comedian Phil Wang, who discusses racism, introversion, and failed shows, as well as Martine Wright, a survivor of the 7/7 London terrorist bombings. Her most requested guest Matt Haig, the best-selling author of Reasons to Stay Alive, also shares his views on work-life balance and mental health.

On nurturing friendships: Call Your Girlfriend with Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow

A podcast dedicated to long-distance best friends; the Call Your Girlfriend series is an ode to the precioustête-à-têtes we have with our most cherished friendships. Hosted by real-life besties, Aminatou Sow in Brooklyn and Ann Friedman in Los Angeles, the podcast talks about everything from intersectional feminism to UFO conspiracy theories. While wellness isn’t an overarching theme, the heartfelt chats between the two hosts are a wonderful reminder for us to make quality time for our friendships and relationships, whether it’s a quick catch-up, gossip over drinks, or a heart-to-heart talk.

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