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Re:Qi Urban Revival is the Modern TCM Retreat Your Weary Soul Needs

by Voices Wellness 20 Sep 2021
Photo: Re:Qi Urban Revival

Treat yourself to a well-deserved retreat inspired by modern TCM healing. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

There’s a sort of tiredness that sleep can’t cure—and we’re talking about the fatigue and stress we’re all feeling no thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Beyond luxurious staycations at fancy hotels and a good massage, we’re eyeing a full-fledged wellness retreat inspired by modern TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) healing.

Fresh from two successful runs of the Nature Getaway Retreat, Re: Qi Retreat will be offering the two-day, one-night Urban Revival Retreat from November 4-5 this year. Held at The Clan Hotel, the package is designed around the theme of self-discovery, as it encourages guests to hit pause on their busy schedules to understand their mental, emotional, and energetic needs.

Photo: Re:Qi Urban Revival

To start, guests will undergo an assessment developed by a TCM physician, before enjoying an itinerary of immersive experiences led by health and wellbeing experts. In TCM, food is considered medicine. As such, proper nourishment is key in this retreat, where every meal and tea pairing is curated according to the guests’ pre-retreat assessment. Expect delicious meals that seamlessly fuse TCM foods with modern Asian flavours, created through the collaboration of a TCM physician and an Asian fine-dining chef.

Photo: Re:Qi Urban Revival

Healthy meals aside, guests don’t have to worry about forgoing Happy Hour. In this retreat, alcohol is used for healing purposes via functional TCM cocktails, based on the TCM philosophy that alcohol can enhance the efficacy of herbs. For instance, alcohol is said to vitalise the spleen, liver, stomach, and small intestine. It also promotes blood circulation and qi, when consumed in moderation.

Photo: Re:Qi Urban Revival

Throughout their stay, guests can look forward to a gua sha massage, said to help activate their inner self-healing mechanism, as well as experience Chinese martial arts—a means to connect the mind, body, and qi. They’ll be guided by a team of wellbeing experts including an integrated psychotherapist, a health coach, as well as a sound healer, to learn more about their own holistic well-being. By the time guests check out, they can expect to feel refreshed and well-equipped with wellness knowledge that they can easily incorporate into their lives.

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