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Meet Lumen, a New Wellness Device That “Hacks” Your Metabolism

by Voices Wellness 22 Sep 2021
Photo: Lumen

Wondering how well your body converts what you eat and drink into energy? Try breathing into this nifty device. 

While Lumen resembles little more than a well-designed humidifier or inhaler, it’s in fact a nifty wellness device that claims to enhance fat burn, help you lose weight, and boost energy naturally. Invented by twin sisters Dr. Merav Mor and Dr. Michal Mor, it’s said to be the world’s first portable metabolism tracker, which calculates how well your body converts what you eat and drink into energy.

If you’re wondering, measuring one’s metabolism generally requires bulky medical equipment in clinical settings. In contrast, one can analyse their metabolic activity in real-time by simply breathing into the hand-held device. The science behind Lumen is similar to that of a breath analyser, with airflow and CO2 sensors inside the mouthpiece.

Photo: Lumen

By breathing into the device for 10 seconds, the breath’s carbon dioxide concentration is measured. Lumen then tracks one’s respiratory exchange rate, which identifies the type of metabolic fuel which the body is using for energy. For instance, breath that’s low in carbon dioxide shows that the body is in a fat-burning state, while the opposite indicates that carbohydrates are being used.

Photo: Lumen

When paired with its accompanying app, Lumen shows a rating between 1 (burning fat) to 5 (burning carbs). Users will then be recommended a daily meal plan—low-, medium-, or high-carb, based on the above rating. By tracking daily, users can better understand how their metabolism is affected by sleep, physical activity, and nutrition. On the nutrition front, users will be able to generate personalised meal plans that highlight what to eat and how best to enhance their metabolism efficiency. Before a workout, users can also breathe into the device to check if they have enough energy or need to fuel up. Post-workout, they can check for the impact the exercise has on their body. Finally, a Lumen Flex Score accumulates users’ metabolism, sleep, nutrition, and fitness data to help them sustain their results.

Overall, improving one’s metabolic efficiency is said to help with weight maintenance, consistent blood sugar levels, and energy boost.

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