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Inside The Row Space: Singapore’s First Rowing Gym

by Voices Wellness 28 Apr 2021
Photo: The Row Space

Move over, spin studios—there’s a brand-new fitness concept that we think will take Singapore by storm, judging from our love for dimmed rooms, pulsing music, and rhythmic movements. By SAMANTHA FRANCIS.

The Row Space, helmed by parent company Pulse Lab, hopes to bring rowing to the forefront through classes tailored to build strength, endurance, and stamina. As the Lion City’s first and only indoor rowing gym, the studio is run by trained professionals from Lab, which specialises in a plethora of cardio, strength, and rowing group classes. Located on Aliwal Street, The Row Space offers high intensity and low-impact rowing classes for all fitness levels.

For beginners, there’s the Freestyle Row, a row-to-the-beat class that offers variety—lower body, upper body, and full body. Depending on the trainer, workout structures will vary to incorporate interval training and endurance work. Expect to torch calories and improve your aerobic endurance.

Meanwhile, seasoned rowers can go for the Braveheart+ classes, which promises a 50 to 60-minute sweat session. Expect a mix of AMRAP (as many reps as possible) and EMOM (every minute on the minute) types of moves, meant to push your limits so as to strengthen functional movement muscle endurance.

If you prefer either self-practice or expert advice, the Open Row lets you book one-hour sessions where you can row on your own or work on a bespoke rowing programme designed by a trainer. Those with specific fitness goals in mind or those hoping to pay more attention to their form, ought to check this one out.

Photo: The Row Space

Each of these classes claim to burn up to 800 calories an hour, making them more efficient than other cardio-based exercises like running or spinning. The push-pull action used in rowing is also similar to strength training, allowing participants to continue burning calories after class. Said to be easy on the joints, rowing is suitable for those nursing past injuries.

Even though participants are seated throughout class, each hour-long session engages about 86 percent of your major muscle groups. Over time, learning to row with proper posture will encourage sculpted glutes, stronger core, as well as toner arms. Aside from rowing, the studio also offers classes that incorporate weight training and bodyweight movements, just to mix up your fitness regime.

Need a change of pace from tap backs and standing climbs? Rowing promises to hit the spot as a fun alternative to indoor cycling.

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